The Abolitionist Vegan Society

Tamaki TAVS teamThe Abolitionist Vegan Society don’t want to abolish vegans; they want to abolish all forms of animal cruelty. TAVS advocates a vegan lifestyle and are here to open to your mind to cutting animals out of your diet. They won’t do it by lecturing you, they’ll convince you that vegan food can be delicious, with free vegan cupcakes and recipes. And they’ll let you know what YOU can do to help abolish cruelty to animals.


One response to “The Abolitionist Vegan Society

  1. Don’t miss this exciting and informational booth! You have two wonderful vegan advocates, ready to educate you about why *you* already believe in veganism! Be sure to stop by. :-)

    Sarah K. Woodcock, Founder and Executive Director
    The Abolitionist Vegan Society

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